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Hi! I am Shirin and I would like to bring you the latest from The Global Consultant, a company that I built to help those looking to build companies and power growth. Before we move on, I would like to share a little bit about what I do, so you know why this conversation is important. My interest is in resolving issues that companies have while raising their investments to grow and create value in the market. With my team at The Global Consultant, I have helped raise millions for private companies. We have also analyzed and advised on private investments valued at over $600M+ and we intend to go further by ensuring we read the pulse of the market in a way that can help you reach your goals faster. As we have seen in these interesting times, money/capital is crucial to running our economies and ensuring global equilibrium and we are developing unique methods to solidify your presence in the market. I have been busy these past few weeks working on a few projects and advising high net worth clients on strategic business approaches and unique investment opportunities. I would like to share some of these updates and opportunities with you. If you have any questions let me know. I look forward to talking to you soon.

IPO: Why you must not ignore it

Companies are rushing back to IPO Offerings market in the US. A surge in demand for new listings made last week the busiest week in a year. On Wednesday June 10, Warner Music became the largest US IPO so far this year at $1.9 billion and on the following day shares in ZoomInfo, a marketing software company rose by 60%. US stocks have risen by over 40% since March, which marks their strongest 50-day run on record. The expectation is that the S&P 500 is likely to hit new highs in the second half of this year, provided there is not a severe second wave of coronavirus. However, with unprecedented government action to control the flu and a probable vaccine on the horizon, the markets are likely to remain bullish. This is, in fact, the time to look ahead to a newer future by employing with newer ways of generating investments.

Opportunities: Small could be Bigger

What we have understood clearly is that if products have to be changed for a world in which everyone is socially distancing, it can happen far more quickly and easily at a smaller business scale than a bigger one. During the lockdown, as we rely more than ever on the Internet, smaller companies are shining and taking an appreciable slice of the market. In fact, established giants will have to work a bit harder as competition will be intense in the next few years. The reason we believe that this is the case is because we have seen many small, smart and aggressive rivals establishing themselves in the last few months.

Bio - Med Robotics: The Next Big Thing

A successful robotics company in Canada, featured in Forbes magazine, Bloomberg etc., is now expanding to develop a robot that uses UV technology to mass sanitize public spaces. This innovative technology is currently in the process of federal grant funding. Shares are being offered with a minimum $1M investment requirement. In our estimation, this should be something you should observe in the coming months.

Covid-19 Testing Kits & Apps

Meet the CEO of one of the first US made Covid-19 testing kit mass production companies. The testing kit comes with tracking applications and tools. This company is seeking $7 Million and offering a 7% return within 12 months. They have commitments for over 2.5 million kits before the launch of their marketing campaign.

Cannabis: High on Demand

In the last few months, The Global Consultant has connected Canadian cannabis companies to a global market for medical cannabis products as demand for it is rising rapidly. We foresee the pharmaceutical market demand for capsules turning to Canada for its trusted quality and the capability to supply on time in the next 6 to 12 months. Currently, we are in the process of filling large orders for our clients. If you are a Canadian LP, please contact us as we fill the supply chain. It would benefit us mutually and also help in creating a robust market that is reliable and future-proof.

Capital Raise & Debt Financing

Our team's experience in helping companies raise capital has proven success. We have raised millions for companies. We have done that though a trusted network that we have built over the years. We also have tools to provide financial solutions for your organization. The process has taken us many hours of consistent work and performance. If you require details about our program, feel free to contact us. Our staff would be more than happy to guide you to a better and more efficient way of establishing your presence in the Canadian and global market.

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